Saturday, August 20, 2011

A letter to My Congressman

Below is a copy & paste of a e-mail I sent to my congressman, ( my full name is deleated ) if you do the same maybe, Just Maybe we will see some real action in bringing the CRIMINALS in the DoJ, ATF, FBI, and DEA to Justice. A Special Prosecutor has both Investigative and Prosecutorial Powers not invested in The Congress or Senate, and take Gun-Walker out of the Political Spectrum. If you are old enough to remeber Nixon did not step down untill after the apointment of a Speacial Prosecutor, and making Gerald Ford Vice Pressedent(so that Ford would grant him amnisty). Do I expect a Oboma resignation, Hell No. But if we can push our Congressmen to start a investegation into Gun-Walker we can make them folkow through with the next Legal Step.

Dear Congressman Farenthold,

 I am contacting you today to ask you if, or when a Special Prosecutor will be assigned the Gun-Walker Case. Why are you not calling for a Special Prosecutor Yourself?Do you Represent us the people of the Texas 27Th.District or are you representing other Political Interests, Party Interests perhaps.

 You have to have enough evidence to bring charges of "Obstruction of a Congressional Investigation" at the very least against Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department. When will we the American People see Justice, or will we ? Is this Congressional Investigation just for show, for Political Gain. Prosecution of the guilty parties involved in this atrocious scandal is the only course of action that would be acceptable in a nation of law. Other wise we are in a nation of lawlessness and law breakers. And it is time for American Citizens to abolish a government that no longer respects the law and no longer represents them.

Respectfully, Me III.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairy Tails And Reality........

Mike over at Sipsey Street had this to say about a Posting that Pete did over at WRSA

Please go read Both Postings and see below............
This was what I commented @ WRSA

C.A. It's that the "Old Culture" is not dead that is the problem.

A couple of these Moral rules that you quote,

Don't hurt people (at least those who don't need hurting).
Anyone that would take from you deserves hurting

Pay your taxes.(so that the TPTB can give the fruits
 of your labor to someone else)

Obey the law.(Whose Law? The Law that has been corrupted by the same TPTB)

Respect authority.(Not one that will NOT Respect My Rights)

Be a good citizen.(Not at the Cost of my own Liberty, so that TPTB continue Cheat and Rob, Rape, And Murder on my behalf)

Read the major news periodicals so that you are familiar with the issues of the day.(So I can hear more Lies from the Collaborators of again TPTB)

Register and vote in every election.(When someone is worthy of my Vote I Vote for them and not the lesser of Two EVILS)

Be kind to others.(Kindness will be Very Rare Commodity in the near future so if you can find some treasure it, and don't be to generous for Kindness is too often mistaken for weakness.

These are the reasons that we are failing as a Nation. And Failing as a Resistance. The time is here Now to take off the gloves. This is a WAR that we are in. Just because someone has Not Fired That First Shot doesn't make it Any Less of a War. The Shooting (and worse) will Commence soon enough.

Just Don't despair trust in your Higher Power,(for me a God that I never understood before)that you have come to understand in these last 30 years of your life. I too know that same battle 16 yrs. and still counting.

You see what is happening in Wisconsin and soon to be in Cities and States all across country. The Gig is up, Free-Fall is about to hit Bottom and now the Fear and Anger of the Entitled will come to surface. This is why so many have been preparing in every way that they can. Soon all that we have known was coming will be at hand and it will be for the Survivors of this First Kill Off to fight for a New Republic to be Rebuilt, Looking back at the mistakes of our last Generations.


 This is my comment @ Sipsey Street

 I can very easily understand where C.A. is coming from, Response from people in "The Resistance/Restoration" has been less than encouraging. When the RTC Rally happened down here in Texas there where 5 count them five men who bothered to show. It was a Saturday, People SAID they would come a couple hundred by my calculations. The Tea Party People wouldn't be present if their were guns. NRA crowd didn't want "OTHER
PEOPLE" to get the Wrong IDEA.

 I am still waiting for that spark (SSeiu)to light-off the powder keg. Not because I want a Civil War here in my home land. But the way I see it is there can be no U.S.A. if there is a Restoration.

 We are not "One Nation Under God" We are no longer One Nation in any sense of the word. We have been divided by Ideologies and Politics.

And until "We" can get over being  "POLITE"  about keeping our right to live the way we chose to live.

We will NOT be able to claim our own lives much less Restore a Republic.

 I am not saying we need to be cold blooded killers(sorry Sean) but we DO NEED TO BE READY TO KILL IN COLD BLOOD.


Now think and I mean really think ......

It ain't gonna be cheap.
are ya sure

 So if you still want Liberty, You are The One who has to Take It. I don't know how to say it clearer than that. And don't be waiting for me cause I sure as hell don't have the answers.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why there will be No Recovery

T.L hits another one out of park with this one: TL In Exile: As An Apocolypse, It's A Pretty Good Show

 I can only say if WE Don't Bite This Debt Bullet Now , and we will have to cut MORE THAT 100 BILLION from the Budget when we can do it without completely shutting down everything. It can be done it will hurt to say Cut 25% from ENTIRE BUDGET. A 25% cut in Across The Board, Pensions,Payroll, Services,Everything.

 Or Will We Allow our Children and Grand-Children to see the Day when it ALL comes tumbling down and They are left with Anarchy and Chaos. The Question is do we love our Children enough to Make These Sacrifices Now or will we leave it to Them to be the Ones to Suffer.


Monday, February 14, 2011

OurTime,Our Desisions

We are approaching a time that we will need to make our own "Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms". They, the would be Masters the Legislators and Bureaucrats, the Aristocrats of our time will eventually grow tired of our insolence and disobedience to their Mandates, Orders and Instruction. When, if we do our duty to disobey their Unjust and Unlawful Directives(Seat-Belts to Health-Care)they will either have to relinquish their Power, which they WILL NOT DO, or Lash Out against us. And in doing so will give us Just Cause to make our own "Declaration of Causes". We can Pray for a Peaceful Resolution to our Situation, People that want to Rule over a People that want to be Free. But as history often repeats it's self we know the the odds of that coming to be are little to none.

So Many of us Prepare,in Resources,Mind,Body and Soul. In every way we can imagine. And this is good fore we prepare ourselves and the ones closest to us the people that we love and care about to hardship that may/will come to us in the near or not-so-near future.

I have made My Decision, I will Not be Imprisoned for taking what is mine, My Right to be Free to Live as I will, as I chose for that is what My God has given to me and No Power on Earth has the Authority to take these God-Given Rights away from me. Even if My Time of Freedom is only in the minutes or seconds before by death because for me it is far better to die free even if just for a short time than to live in a cage of Iron or of a Socity that would keep me bound in invisable chains. To Steal from my Labor for the benifit of others that bow down before them for their sustinance both here in my native land and abroad to peoples that neither respect or acknowlage my rights or beliefes or the cultures of this land.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Question to ATF Agents, Are you Citizens???

There is a interesting Article at  TL In Exile: The Government Is Not A Thing , and some of the comments made me do a little thinking and now I have this Question to all ATF Agents.

 I hope all that would come to this Blog Site know the words and meaning of the Second Amendment,
For the SECURITY of a FREE STATE, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. These words are all too clear, they can not be mistaken to mean something other than what is said. I hope and pray that their are ATF Agents of every level that are reading these words and take a minute or two to evaluate just where they are and what THEY believe. Where does Government Authority end and the Individual Rights of the People begin and how can one believe one thing and Act on another.

My Question to the ATF Agents is how can you as a Citizen of this Republic, and we still are a Constitutional Republic, Enforce Laws that so Clearly Unconstitutional.
 Now if you believe that this is no longer a Republic, That the Constitution no longer is what make this country one, that it is the Constitution that authorizes the Administration, the Senate and Congress, and the Courts their authority. Then Please come out and say so. Stop being Cowards and hiding behind the Rule of Law. Stop using Constitutional Authority to do as you please as as YOUR MASTERS tell you to do. When you obey a Directive or a Order that is Illegal you become just as much if not more of a Criminal as those that Issue these Orders.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Arctic Patriot: A Letter, Perhaps Written in Vain.

Arctic Patriot has a very interesting post. A message to Congress, Ya know those Critters that were sent to Represent us in this once upon a time Republic.

The Arctic Patriot: A Letter, Perhaps Written in Vain.

Our Fore Fathers sent several letters and petitions to the King and to Parliament and family and friends back in England.The same as we have done in the last few years and It hasn't done a whole lot of good then as now except to Justify our "Declaration of Independence" before the rest of the world. We are rapidly approaching the time to send our own "Declaration of Independence" to our would be masters in that Den of Vipers we call Washington D.C. Because it has become obvious that they will not listen to our Petition for Freedom except through Force of Arms to Make them hear for they are as deaf as the Late King George.