Sunday, December 5, 2010

RTC Rally Brownsville, Final Thoughts

 I have been asked "how did it go" by one of the few that follow this little blog, well that is not as simple to answer as I would like.

 One, nobody was hurt or arrested so that was a Good Point.

 Two, most of the Speakers were well prepared and got the message across (the call for a return to a Limited Constitutional Government).

 Three, the people that did show up were very Sincere and Patriotic and really do want to Restore The Constitution or better said a Government that is Limited by the Constitutional Restraints that would make it Legitimate.

Four, I got to meet and hear Larry Pratt of G.O.A. as well as speak with him on a personal basis, A very nice and well mannered Gentleman. I thank you Mr.Pratt for attending and answering the call to duty.

 For all this I am and should be thankful But, when I was out and promoting the Rally, talking with People and passing out Fliers the Response was very good outstanding even. A "LOT" of people maybe as many as Two Hundred said things like this is a great idea, or I've been hoping someone would do something like this and many said that they would be there. In fact I was surprised at how positive the response was. You see I live in a very PROGRESSIVE part of Texas and I actually thought that I would get at least a little bit of Flack from the Public at large.(Obumer carried the 27Th. District.)
 And you can only imagine my surprise and disappointment when ONLY FIVE Men and some of them brought their Families ( wives and CHILDREN) these Men and Women I want to thank from the bottom of my heart.
 But as far as the rest of my "Fellow Texans" I wonder if when the time comes, and it probably is coming faster than many realize when we the Citizenry of this State as well as the Country will be willing to Stand-Up as Citizens and Free Men and Women to the Government at the State Level as well as the Federal. I really have doubts as to the Sincerity not to mention the Bravery of People that would not make their presence known in a Simple Protest, and how much of the Talk of Patriotism is just that Nothing More Than Talk. People I am VERY DISAPOINTED IN YOU. You know who you are you are the ones that said what a Great idea that you where waiting for something like this, Well Y Had Yer Chance and Blew it. So when that time comes that we MUST Either Fight or Submit to this Government that no longer takes Your Rights and Liberty Seriously, just Remember that It all could have been avoided if You had been willing to make Your Voice Heard before we have to get to that point.