Saturday, August 21, 2010

Religion vs. Freedom

 This is a about a posting by the Dutchman over at ¨Sipsey Street Irregulars¨ named,

 "Gandhian pacifism aside, Glenn Beck gets at least this much right. "The country is burning down.""

First go Read the Post and Read the original article at then see the comments at Sipsey Street a couple of people, not many would trade one collective for another.
  Now I am going to Say what I think here because I believe somebody needs to say it.

 First off I want to point out that I consider Myself to be a Christian in the Traditional Sense that I believe that Jesus Christ paid the price for my admittance into heaven or my Salvation if you will. You can belive what ever You will that is for You to decide.

  I do try to understand what I read in the Bible and there are couple of things that I don´t understand, But there is something that I do see and That is ¨The Second Greatest Gift that God Gave to Mankind after Salvation, was and is the Ability to CHOOSE.¨  We are not animals, we have Thought Process, We are not Driven by Pure Instinct. This is less apparent in some than in others. But that ABILITY TO CHOOSE, Has also been Mankinds Greatest Burden.

 But there is something else I see and that is that To Many times, through out History of Mankind, Religious beliefs have be used for Inexplicable Crimes and for the Control of Other People´s lives. And that goes for examples like the Crusades and Inquisitions and  Jihad or to the Soviet Ukraine Genocide or Pol Pot in Cambodia, Conversion To or the Elimination of Faith.

Now My Question to You is,

Will You Be Free Men and Women or will you be just a Collective of Another Sort. I Choose FREEDOM and LIBERTY and I will stand with Any Man or Woman that will like wise Choose Freedom and Liberty for each in their own Manner.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Illegal Immigration and Anchor Babies

 The following is Section 1. of the 14TH Amendment.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

 I would like to note at this time that even Foreign Diplomats and Persons with Foreign Diplomatic Corps are NOT under Jurisdiction and are Immune to Prosecution of State And Federal Laws Except in cases of Capital Crimes and Espionage. And that their Children are not Granted Automatic Citizenship.

There are ALSO Sections 2. 3. 4. and 5. that in some cases prevented the men that fought in the Confederate Army from voting or holding certain Elected Offices and Voided and Declared Illegal Any Obligation to Pay Debts or Damages of the War Between the States.

 So from what I see Looking at my copy of the Constitution the 14Th was NEVER Intended to be applied to People that enter the U.S.A. Illegally or their Offspring. But was In Fact written to Protect the former slaves and to punish the the Rebellious Southern States. I don´t see the Fourteenth as being intended to grant Citizenship to children of parents who are in the Country Illegally, and doubt it was even a consideration.

 To phrase this another way,When someone enters the United States Legally they put themselves under the Jurisdiction of the United States. And they accept to live by the Law of the land. But when someone enters The United States Illegally they have not agreed to accept that Sovereign Jurisdiction and there fore NOT entitled to the Full Protection and Rights of that Jurisdiction.

You see when a guest enters my home they are entitled to my protection, when someone enters my home without my permission they ARE Committing a crime and every thing that they do while in my home after that is Criminal, Including having Babies.

 It is My OPINION that, It is the attitude of some people that would surrender their Rights and Personal Sovereignty, not even to speak of Their National Sovereignty for Well Being of Everybody that this Country is in the shape it´s in.

 But of Course we will have to see how this ends up in the courts. If it gets that far. Only one thing for sure no matter how it end´s up, somebody is gonna be Pissed.

 Just to make myself Crystal Clear, If I don´t invite you to my Home, or Give you Permission to enter, STAY THE FUCK OUT. If you do not have permission, a visa to go into an other Country stay out. When you do go into that other country you are not a guest but a Criminal.


Five Cookies

 A mother was contemplating a dilemma. Normally, she assigned cleaning the toilets as a grungy chore for misbehavior. But none of her five children had misbehaved enough to be assigned the chore, and the toilets really needed to be scrubbed.

 Then she had an idea. She took five large cookies from a tray of leftovers from her latest ladies meeting, put them and a ziplock bag, and called all of her children to her. "I need the toilets cleaned," she told her children, "and I will give the five cookies in this bag to the one who cleans them." She then offered the task to her children beginning with the oldest. Each made an excuse: "Sorry, Mom, I have too much homework." "I promised my friends I would play ball with them." "I told Becky that I would come by." "I need to finish my school project today." Finally, she came to the youngest. He thought about the last time that he had to clean the toilets, and how the smell had almost made him sick. Then he thought about how delicious those cookies would taste. "OK, I will do it," the youngest told his mother.

 He gathered the cleaning supplies, and went to each of the three toilets in the house, scrubbing them thoroughly. By the time he came to the third toilet, he was against almost sick from the smell. But he forced himself to finish, them reported to his mother that he was done.

 Mother inspected the toilets, expecting to have to point out some areas for rework. She was impressed that her youngest had done a thorough job, not rushing through the task just to get finished. "You have done an excellent job," she told her youngest, "and here is your reward!", handing him the bag of cookies.

 The child opened the bag of cookies, the delicious smell wiping out the nausea from the odor of the toilets. He started to reach into the bag for the first cookie.

 "Not so fast," his father spoke. The father had come in the door from work just before the mother handed the boy the cookies, and decided he needed to teach a valuable lesson. "What were you planning on doing with those five cookies?"

 "Eating them?" the youngest replied.

 "Don't you think it is greedy for you to eat all five cookies?" his father continued.

 "Not really, since I earned them," the son answered. "All of my brothers and sisters were offered the opportunity to earn the cookies. I only got the job because they refused."

 "Regardless of that, we need CHANGE in this household. I cannot continue to reward selfish and greedy behavior in my house. Give me the bag," the father demanded.

 The boy reluctantly handed the bag of cookies to his father. The father took the bag, and distributed one cookie to each of the siblings, leaving the smallest cookie in the bag and returning it to his son, who was in tears.

 "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need," the father quipped, repeating a quote he had heard from Barack Obama. He was so proud to live in a country that had elected Barack Obama as president, a country that valued fairness above all else, a country that would no longer excuse greed and selfishness, just because someone supposedly "earned" their money.

 The lesson had been well learned. No child ever volunteered to do another task in the house, no matter how great the reward the mother offered. Once the oldest figured out that they could call human services if the parents ever did anything to punish them, and shared that secret with his siblings, they ignored the threats of their parents. No child ever did another chore, spending their days in idleness and fun. As each came of age, they proudly took their place in public housing and on the welfare rolls, continuing their idle existence. The father could not figure out where the mother had gone wrong with their upbringing.

Credited to Anonymous on a comment at ¨Sipsey Street Irregulars¨ , on Mike´s posting of  ¨Once again, Firesign Theater¨
 I think this is a very good parable a lesson to learn and to teach.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    The Divided States of America

 I work in the "North East Coastal" area and I live in south Texas, Grew up in Indiana till age 16 then moved to Louisiana and started my career in the Maritime Industry, I mention all of this only to point out that I have seen a variety of the sub-cultures we have within this country we call the United States of America.

 I have been saying for the last 3 or 4 years that this country was heading toward some kind of civil war, at first I didn't really mean a violent all out War but some kind of civil up-rising. But with the current events and the Intolerable growth of our Government I see now that I was wrong, VERY WRONG. There are to many people that are willing, no actually WANT to have this Big Brother Government watching over them, they feel safer I guess.

 And then there are the people, who like me only want a chance to live their lives in peace and to be rewarded for the work they do and a chance choose what THEY will do with their OWN lives and not be bothered with the problems of other people that are none of their business anyway.

 But the people who WANT Big Brother taking care of them, making their decisions for them and therefore have someone else to blame when their lives are in some kind of turmoil. These  people can not be sustained without SOMEONE that works that produces, innovates and creates and advances our "nation" as a whole.

 And now the "PRODUCERS" have been overburdened with the NEED and WANT¨S of those that don't want the responsibility of taking care of themselves of making their own decisions. I, and many like me have grown tired and we feel cheated and that our lives or the Self-Control of our Own Lives is being TAKEN AWAY from us because it IS.And now that we have grown tired of the burden of maintaining those that want to be maintained. And now that we want to throw off the load of those that are not our responsibility we are ridiculed and called Uncaring or Racist or Radical or any other name that is considered to be "POLITICALLY INCORRECT" what ever the hell that is. And this only serves to make us more angry,And more determined to be rid of responsibilities that are not of OUR own making.

 And if the "Taken Care Of" Stop getting what they say is owed to them they Scream "Injustice" and riot and cause Mayhem.

 These two different "Peoples" can not co-exist, and one way or another they will be divided and not just by social barriers but by Sovereign Barriers. So I do Believe with deepest sincerity that this "GREAT NATION" will be divided.And in all probability by a Bloody War as bad as or worse than anything seen by man.

 I wish and pray that I am wrong but I see no other course for hard working self respecting people to be rid of the burden that has been placed on their backs by the irresponsibility's of those that want others to do for them.