Saturday, August 20, 2011

A letter to My Congressman

Below is a copy & paste of a e-mail I sent to my congressman, ( my full name is deleated ) if you do the same maybe, Just Maybe we will see some real action in bringing the CRIMINALS in the DoJ, ATF, FBI, and DEA to Justice. A Special Prosecutor has both Investigative and Prosecutorial Powers not invested in The Congress or Senate, and take Gun-Walker out of the Political Spectrum. If you are old enough to remeber Nixon did not step down untill after the apointment of a Speacial Prosecutor, and making Gerald Ford Vice Pressedent(so that Ford would grant him amnisty). Do I expect a Oboma resignation, Hell No. But if we can push our Congressmen to start a investegation into Gun-Walker we can make them folkow through with the next Legal Step.

Dear Congressman Farenthold,

 I am contacting you today to ask you if, or when a Special Prosecutor will be assigned the Gun-Walker Case. Why are you not calling for a Special Prosecutor Yourself?Do you Represent us the people of the Texas 27Th.District or are you representing other Political Interests, Party Interests perhaps.

 You have to have enough evidence to bring charges of "Obstruction of a Congressional Investigation" at the very least against Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department. When will we the American People see Justice, or will we ? Is this Congressional Investigation just for show, for Political Gain. Prosecution of the guilty parties involved in this atrocious scandal is the only course of action that would be acceptable in a nation of law. Other wise we are in a nation of lawlessness and law breakers. And it is time for American Citizens to abolish a government that no longer respects the law and no longer represents them.

Respectfully, Me III.

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