Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Question to ATF Agents, Are you Citizens???

There is a interesting Article at  TL In Exile: The Government Is Not A Thing , and some of the comments made me do a little thinking and now I have this Question to all ATF Agents.

 I hope all that would come to this Blog Site know the words and meaning of the Second Amendment,
For the SECURITY of a FREE STATE, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. These words are all too clear, they can not be mistaken to mean something other than what is said. I hope and pray that their are ATF Agents of every level that are reading these words and take a minute or two to evaluate just where they are and what THEY believe. Where does Government Authority end and the Individual Rights of the People begin and how can one believe one thing and Act on another.

My Question to the ATF Agents is how can you as a Citizen of this Republic, and we still are a Constitutional Republic, Enforce Laws that so Clearly Unconstitutional.
 Now if you believe that this is no longer a Republic, That the Constitution no longer is what make this country one, that it is the Constitution that authorizes the Administration, the Senate and Congress, and the Courts their authority. Then Please come out and say so. Stop being Cowards and hiding behind the Rule of Law. Stop using Constitutional Authority to do as you please as as YOUR MASTERS tell you to do. When you obey a Directive or a Order that is Illegal you become just as much if not more of a Criminal as those that Issue these Orders.


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