Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why there will be No Recovery

T.L hits another one out of park with this one: TL In Exile: As An Apocolypse, It's A Pretty Good Show

 I can only say if WE Don't Bite This Debt Bullet Now , and we will have to cut MORE THAT 100 BILLION from the Budget when we can do it without completely shutting down everything. It can be done it will hurt to say Cut 25% from ENTIRE BUDGET. A 25% cut in Across The Board, Pensions,Payroll, Services,Everything.

 Or Will We Allow our Children and Grand-Children to see the Day when it ALL comes tumbling down and They are left with Anarchy and Chaos. The Question is do we love our Children enough to Make These Sacrifices Now or will we leave it to Them to be the Ones to Suffer.


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