Saturday, September 25, 2010


It´s on ladies and gentlemen, I have the signed permit from the ¨Palo Alto National Battle Ground Park¨ here in front of me the Rally is to start at 9:00 am on Oct.30,2010 and continues till 4:30 pm of that same day.

 I have also spoken with Chief of Police Carlos Garcia of the Brownsville Police Department about Rules of Presentation for all Long arms (PLEASE NOTE BROWNSVILLE POLICE WILL BE ON SITE TO ENSURE THAT THE RULES ARE FOLLOWED AND PUBLIC SAFETY IS MAINTAINED AND TO ASSIST THE PARK RANGERS) these are the rules as follows:

1. NO OPEN CARRY OF HANDGUNS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES THIS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNDER TEXAS LAW. Also for any person coming from out of state Texas law prohibits that your handgun ¨prints¨ while you are carrying.Handguns may only be carried by CHL Holders and CONCEALED. I will be checking to see which if any states have reciprocity with Texas on concealed carry.

2.Long Arms (rifles,carbines,shotguns) are to be Un-Loaded with chamber-flag or with the breach open and secured with a safety ribbon that will be provided and Slung to the Rear, Muzzle Down if Possible and Loaded Magazines are to be carried to the side or away from said Long Arms. PLEASE NOTE ALL FIREARMS ARE TO BE INSPECTED BY RALLY MARSHALS TO ENSURE THAT SAFETY IS MAINTAINED.

3.Parking is limited to the Paved Parking areas of the Park, the Park Supervisor has informed me that parking MAY be permitted to the paved area of the park roadway at a later date in the wider sections of the roadway.

4.There are motels in the area and I will update names locations with telephone numbers to these establishments after the weekend. BUT if people should use these establishments and car-pool from these locations (recommended) to the Rally site all Long Arms are to be inside cases that you would normally use while traveling. (Chief Garcia does not want us to cause a public panic at the motels or en-route to the Rally)

5.All TRASH AND DEBRIS WILL BE COLLECTED AT THE CLOSING OF THE RALLY.There is a dumpster on site at the park and the Park Supervisor has allowed us to use it and not requested we supply one for ourselves, your co-operation is appreciated and expected. As we may wish to do another Rally for 4-19-11 the real Patriot Day, the anniversary of Concord and Lexington.

 I wish to Thank All of You that will be attending, and If anyone knows of any Pro-Constitutional Speakers that would be able to attend and speak (without charging)please let me know how to comtact them or they can contact me the at Muster 4-19 site. Keep yer Powder Dry and God Bless the Republic and the State of Texas.




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  2. Thanks for the personal Invitation Dennis. But I won't be able to get away at that time.