Monday, September 6, 2010

Weapons of Choice.A Personal Preference Part 2

Now for the Long Guns, inside ranges of 100 yards it is hard to out do a Shotgun and I am Fond of my Remington mod.870 Tactical, a Police Cataloged Item From Remington (legal in Texas) in 12 ga. extended Magazine tube of 7 rounds plus one in the chamber. I have added a Speed loader ramp to the receiver and can fully load this Shotgun in about 3 to 4 seconds starting from empty.This is a ¨Pump Gun¨and I have given a lot of thought of moving up to a Auto-Loader dressed out the same way. The Advantage to the Pump is ¨Dependability¨ over speed but there are some very Dependable Auto-Loaders available and I will have to study my options very Carefully before I would trade in my 870 for one of these and I will Probably just Buy another Shotgun and keep the 870 anyway. So I will in all Probability buy the Auto-Loader in 20 ga. going for lighter recoil and longer Range. The 12 ga is a more common round and readily available almost anywhere ammo is sold and there are some very interesting rounds one can use in the Shotgun depending on your State of residency. There are Flash-Bangs and Signal Flair rounds as well as Fletches and Fragmenting Rounds. And the manner of carrying Ammunition is versatile as well. There are the above mentioned Speed Loaders as well as Saddles and Pouches to Bandoleers on Slings and Across the Chest. And a shotgun is a very effective weapon in the right hands especially in urban bug out situations or in Heavy Cover.  I do like the shotgun as it does have multiple purposes, Combat or Food.

  Plus the Physiological effects that a Shotgun would have on any Bad Guys while they would be looking down the Barrel of a Shotgun are Dramatic I can assure you as having done so One Time in my life,having a Shotgun leveled at you is a very Uncomfortable experience and will cause Fear in Heroes and Fools alike and I am only alive to day because of someone else's poor Maintenance of their Shotgun, Their Magazine tube cap had not been re-tightened after a Cleaning or had worked it´s way lose and when the Person Fired at me from Point Blank Range the Shotgun Failed to fire because the Chamber of the Barrel was not tight inside the Receiver.

 So on that note  no matter what type of Firearms you decide to use study the Owners Manuel and ask a Professional or at least someone that you KNOW is Familiar with that Firearm Any Questions you might have about your Firearm.


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  1. Check out 12 guage DDupleks 'Hexolit 32' on the video of gelatin tests:

    The clay blocks are also impressive.