Friday, September 10, 2010


I turned in a application today with the National Parks service for a RTC Rally @ Palo Alto National Battle Ground Park just to the North of Brownsville.TX.

The supervisor seamed as though he was favorable to the idea of holding a rally there but he had to look at some logistical problems he had because of work that is scheduled to be performed around that date 10-30-10. I will keep everyone posted as to the outcome of the Permit as soon as I hear myself.


I will be updating here and @ Daniel Almonds Restore the Constitution site as well as the Muster 4-19 site. Please NOTE EVERYONE  THE OPEN CARRY OF HANDGUNS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE STATE OF TEXAS AT THIS TIME ( we are trying to change that ) BUT THE CARRY OF LONG ARMS IS LEGAL ----  AS LONG AS IT IS DONE IN A NONE THREATENING MANNER? 

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